Reservation Genie & Concierges

Our goal is to improve the dynamic between concierges and their preferred restaurants and vendors. We feel it is imperative that vendors take care of hotel guests as well as the concierge does. We make sure that when the concierge makes a reservation via Reservation Genie, that the vendor is fully aware that the referral is from a hotel concierge by including the name of the concierge and their hotel in every notification.

Guest Perks

Guest Perks are when a restaurant offers a complimentary item to concierge-referred guests such as a round of bubbly or a delicious dessert. This is automatically detailed in the reservation which is important so all restaurant staff members are made aware. We encourage all restaurants to offer perks to your guests to ensure they are given preferential treatment. Perk details are also included in SMS notifications to guests if you choose to send those.

Concierge Bonuses

These represent another way for vendors to market. The advertising industry has evolved and vendors are now paying thousands every month to advertise in visitor magazines, in cover fees from 1000 point tables through Open Table, and in discounts through deal sites (Groupon et al). Vendors would much rather have concierge referrals than the discount hunters. Concierge Bonuses offer vendors a way to market directly to concierges. Both restaurants and concierges receive a summary email outlining all bonuses earned at the end of each month. And just so you know, we do remind restaurants that quality and service are top priority and that bonuses cannot replace that.

Payment Details

We reward $1 per person for all restaurant referrals. Tour rewards vary, but usually represent 10% of the average tour ticket price. If you earn more than $25 in a given month, a payment is generated and a check is sent to your personal address by the end of the next month. Otherwise the amount rolls over into the next month. Concierge Bonuses are settled directly between the concierge and the vendor, we simply provide the tracking.

How we’re Different than Open Table

Many concierges use Open Table and earn $1 PER RESERVATION for booking regular reservations and $10 PER RESERVATION for booking 1000 point tables. Meanwhile restaurants pay $1 and $7.50 PER PERSON for the same bookings. The difference in charging per person and rewarding per reservation leads to big profit margins for Open Table from concierge bookings. To make matters worse, restaurants can not see that concierges are booking 1000 point tables. This lack of transparency causes confusion and can lead to multiple marketing fees for the same booking. Restaurants would much rather reward concierges with transparency found in our Concierge Bonus Option than through 1000 point tables.

Reseller Program

We are looking to grow in your area and offer a way to compensate you if you can refer us to your restaurant partners. We offer up to 40% revenue share with concierges for bringing new restaurants and tours to our system. We also offer vendors a 90 day free trial if you refer them to Reservation Genie. Learn more about our Reseller Program.

Concierge Associations

Associations usually operate as non profit organizations. We offer revenue share with associations which will generate revenue for your philanthropic and educational initiatives. Please contact us for more information.