100% Web Based

You can access your reservations from your phone, tablet, laptop, back office computer, hostess stand, and home computer. Because there are no equipment cost, we don't have to charge set up fees OR require a contract.


Integrated Online Payment Processing

online payment illustration

Enabling your customers to pay for tickets online reduces the amount of No Shows and lets you take advantage impulse buying. Once customers have paid, they're a lot less likely to research the competition or change their minds the day of the tour. Reservation Genie connects your reservation system to your bank account. We add a $3 PER RESERVATION convenience fee that is paid by your customers. All ticket purchases are deposited directly into your account. Charging per reservation is much more affordable than charging percentages of ticket sales or per person fees. Payment processing is optional and we can offer deals for high volume tours.

Track All of Your Marketing at Once

We divide reservations into different sources: direct (added by your staff), website, concierge, and affiliate site. Our Reporting section offers convenient graphs about each source that you can modify by date range and save as PDF. It enables you to track how many tour tickets are sold by online websites and measure the ROI of your advertising. Use this link to learn more about our website referral tracking tools.

Mobile Optimized Booking

Reservation Genie uses responsive design which means each page of our website changes shape to fit the screen of the person viewing it. With mobile users representing about 40% of all website visits, it's important that you cater to these users. With Reservation Genie, your customers don't have to pinch to zoom in and out while booking.