Affiliate Site Program Overview

Reservation Genie offers the highest affiliate commissions in the industry. We pay $1 PER PERSON for all restaurant reservations that originate from your website and 5% of the average tour ticket price. Becoming a Reservation Genie affiliate site is easy, just fill out this affiliate application and we’ll review your information and create an account for your site. There’s no obligation to meet and it’s really easy to set up.

Why Our Affiliate Program is Better

  • We pay by the person booked, not the reservation. That adds up quick!
  • We show your website as the source of reservation. You get credit for every reservation your site books
  • Our reservation pages are mobile optimized and work with mobile apps and sites. This boosts conversion.

How does it work?

Once you set up an account, you can login and access your affiliate links. Simply create a text links or buttons that say “book reservations” on the profile of participating restaurants and tours on your website. Then point those links at the appropriate tracking link for that restaurant or tour. When you users click on those links book reservations, it credits your site as the source and pays you accordingly. The more prominent the link location, the more likely people will see and use your links, and the more money you earn. We send checks monthly after you reach $25 in earnings and you can track your reservation traffic and payment history easily when logged in to your account.

What If I Want To Set My Clients Up With This Reservation Service?

All Reservation Genie affiliate sites have the option to become Resellers of our service. This can be useful if you want to show your clients exactly how much traffic you are sending them, add reservation features to your website, and/or earn residual reservation income. It can enable you to charge clients based on the number of customers you send them as opposed to page views or monthly fees. Once you set up an affiliate account you have access to Reseller Tools that allow you to invite venues to become Reservation Genie clients by email or by entering your custom promotion code when they sign up. Both methods give them a 90 day extended free trial, so there’s no risk involved AND you’re hooking them up with a special offer. When you become a Reseller you earn money every time another website or concierge books a reservation.

“Using Reservation Genie can enable you to charge clients based on the number of customers you send them as opposed to page views or monthly fees. ”